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Welcome to the MVMA Directory, where you can search for a veterinarian using a variety of search terms, including name, practice type, location, and specialty. The database includes records of current members of MVMA, so there are over 1,000 veterinarians listed. We hope you'll find one that suits your needs. Click here to jump to the search. 

A Word About "Specialists"

Most of your animal health needs will be addressed by a local veterinarian whose role is similar, but actually broader than, a primary care physician in human health.

There are fewer "specialties" in veterinary medicine than in human medicine. Only a veterinarian who has undertaken additional study and passed a specialty board examination may call herself or himself a specialist. However, many veterinarians choose to concentrate in one or more specialty areas without becoming board-certified; we refer to that as a "practice interest." These are listed in the Practice Type field. As a consumer, it is in your and your pet's interest to ask about experience and training.

Choosing a Veterinarian

When possible, we offer more than one member for pet owners to contact. We know that a variety of factors influence one's choice of veterinarian, not least of which is the office's proximity and hours. You should feel free to call an office and ask questions about their hours, coverage for emergencies, and other issues of concern. You should not, however, expect to speak to the veterinarian nor should you expect a diagnosis or medical explanation over the phone. Except in the case of emergency, you should make an appointment for a visit with your veterinarian. (In an emergency, it may be prudent to call first as well: there may be an emergency animal hospital closer to you.)

While we hope that your experience with our members is satisfying, MVMA makes no representations or warranties about our veterinarian members. You can check veterinarians' disciplinary histories at the Board of Registration website. And, if you have concerns or compliments, please contact us.



If your search returns no results, try other selections from the pull-down menus (for example, nearby towns or "small animal" instead of "feline exclusive"). If you still find no results, please email us and we'll try to help.


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Search Suggestions

For dogs or cats, select "small animal." You can find some cat-only practices under the "feline exclusive" selection. (To choose more than one criteron, hold the CTRL key (on a PC) or Command (Mac) while you click on your selected search terms).

If you are looking for a veterinarian who will come to your home, please select "Mobile" in the Practice Type menu and then select your location in the Practice Location menu.